The Dumbphone

Chase Bankcroft is doing mostly ok (in his own lemming-like way), that is until Mobilotal introduces the Narcissist 2.0 of the Dumbphone. No one in their wildest dreams can imagine what would happen to Chase and many others like him, except of course marketing guy Wolf Caberdeen and his colleagues, who know exactly what is ahead.

The Dumbphone and 9 other short stories explore a variety of apocalyptic scenarios: an explosion of mass comedy in Rorchester, one man’s quest to get to the Grand Canyon, the audacious attitude of a hunk of Havarti cheese at the Fresh Space market in Fortuna Bay, a well-meaning husband learning to operate under the Code of Silence, the neighbor from hell who becomes a decent guy and finally, Skinny Ladies we all consigned to watching moving around corners with guns, over and over and over again.