Justice & Law

Justice & Law…..those two words couldn’t be more basic. They are the two horns that crown the head of a truly free society, although in our case they are pointed inward at each other and look like the two bickering barbs of our current national conversation. Our society can not survive as a free society without a robust understanding and appropriation of these as her foundation, and as we are learning, they are not plateaus where we rest our tired feet, fooling ourselves that we have reached the summit, but instead hills that we must continually climb in an eternal ascent.

Justice has to come first. Without a vigorous pursuit of justice there can not be legitimate law.

The justice our nation is asking for now is that we would complete the unfinished business of racial equality. Our nation can no longer endure having only a few tokens of equality. It is looking for the actuality. It is looking for the spiritual equivalent of what has occurred in some of the overarching laws that at a very high level we have enacted to declare all people equal. The ‘devil’ is in the details. The spiritual equivalent of equality is in the details, in the practices and the procedures of our organizations and institutions. The declarations ultimately have to be actualized and appropriated

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